Tuesday, April 3, 2007

What Is Affiliate Marketing?


May be you've been wondered, what is affiliate marketing / associates is all about?


Let me tell, simple way, that affiliate marketing is one of the greatest thing that internet provide to promote or selling the services and prioducts of the companies or individual while we are earning money from the affiliate.



I'll give you a simple illustrate. Example you have Join in one of these, Amazon.com or eBay.com or uBid.com. They purchase the book of J.K. Rowling about $10, according to the affiliate terms you may have 20% of commision from your sale. And when some potential buyers buy the book through your affiliate link, the company will pay you $2 each of your sale.


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

AGLOCO Viewbar Launch

The viewbar will be launch soon by the AGLOCO Engineers, this information means a lot to the community :

Viewbar Update: The engineers have informed me that the Viewbar release is currently scheduled for between Monday April 2 and Monday, April 16 (between 12 and 26 days from now.) I will keep you posted as I continue to hear word from them on progress. As they continually remind me, this is all dependent on the results of QA testing.
Thanks again for all your recruiting efforts. AGLOCO continues to grow faster and faster, as every new week that passes brings a new record week for signups (and last week was no exception).

Brian Greenwald
AGLOCO Development Team

Monday, March 26, 2007