Wednesday, March 14, 2007

What They Told You About AGLOCO

"Even the RICHEST MAN in The World Loves
AGLOCO'S concept. How about you?"

Bill Gates as The Richest Man in the world,
He told the world that he liked the concept behind AGLOCO and said that if they can meet there july 1st goal of 10 million members, AGLOCO will be the next big thing that the internet public can look forward to.

"This BILLIONAIRE YouTube co-founder
Feeling EXCITED about AGLOCO'S future.
How about you?"

Chad Hurley as the co-founder,
He told the world that The people building out the network NOW will be sharing in the $1.6 billion – or whatever the value of AGLOCO becomes.

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Brian GreenwaldAGLOCO Development Team